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Darjeeling-Earl-Grey---1 Indian Origin Premium Teas - Flavoured Classics Series - Darjeeling Earlgrey

Darjeeling Earl Grey: BT/04

Citrusy, delicate bergamot flavour carefully selected to compliment the unique characteristics of Darjeeling tea gives a sensual blend that is refreshing and relaxing. Best enjoyed when drunk without any sugar or milk, this natural blend is a must try!

Type : 2g x 25 Foil Envelop Bags


SUNTIPS brings you fine flavoured black and green tea blends made from 100% Indian origin teas. These blends have been carefully put together to give you the sense of sipping on real fruit and spices; with their soothing aromas and refreshing taste. Enjoy the floral, fruity flavoured tea range!


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